International – Kuala Lumpur

I’ve had some amazing international work this year and want to share some of the photos from working with the Centre for Instructor and Advanced Skill Training in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur. I had so much fun co-facilitating the Master Trainer program and the Diploma of Training Design & Development and Diploma of Vocational Education and Training over two weeks for 30 trainers.

En rout to Malaysia with karen Livey

En rout to Malaysia with karen Livey

I loved working with such a switched on, bright group of people who soaked up ideas like sponges and took them on and took them even further. It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to work overseas and for a good length of time and see their progress and development over the fortnight was such a delight.

The respect I experienced was rather wonderful too, the politeness and smiles and enthusiasm was quite contagious. The students and the staff that assisted were so helpful and interested in what life is like in Australia. Even the staff at the hotel greeted me with a hand over their heart and a slight bow of the head which seemed so genuine. There’s a lot of joy to be felt in being in Malaysia.


I’ve learnt a lot about the culture in Malaysia whilst I was there. The customs, the food and the traditions and found it all fascinating. The food I experienced there was an extraordinary stretch of the senses with fruit served as vegetables and vegetables served as fruit. I was spoilt with the most delicious spices and concoctions and sweet puddings. The sandwiches most organisations lay on for training courses just won’t cut it now. I particularly loved the pulled tea – Te Tarik and the idea of ‘tea talks’.

I also loved co-facilitating as usually my practice as a trainer involves me working alone.  Working with Karen Livey was so energising and fun to do. I felt a little sad when it came to an end as so enjoyed working with such an extraordinary bunch of people. It was an absolute pleasure to do.