People centred professional development for caring organisations 

Who is it for?

Louise Kelly Consulting is simply about people working together better. It's for organisations, teams, or people, that need to be more effective in what they do, and at the same time want their lives to be easier and more enjoyable. How do we get more satisfaction from our of work and better at managing human behaviour, ours and others, and create authentic connection?

How I can help your organisation

Louise Kelly Consulting

Training Programs

In-house workshops

Do you need a training needs analysis done of where you are currently at and  where you want to be in the future?  I can work with you to design a  program to suit your learners, your unique needs, budget and the time frame you have available

Louise Kelly Consulting

Workshop Facilitation

Strategic planning and team building

 Using a professional external facilitator is a smart move for working with what can sometimes be unpredictable team dynamics at play.  I can speed up gaining group consensus and buy-in to support strategic planning initiatives and can also assist by developing reports, recommendations and action plans if required

Coaching Packages

For individuals, groups and teams

Organisational and Executive Coaching  can be individual, group, or team packages, and are a really valuable long lasting and efficient investment of time.  All coaching is based around the GROW model. Techniques could incorporate neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy if appropriate 

Life long learner

I thrive on curiosity, always asking what would make things better and easier?  I believe my wholehearted openness to continuous growth and development, and to share what I learn with others, is my superpower! It has been my privilege to keep learning alongside the thousands of learners and participants I have worked with in Australia and overseas over the last 20 years, and with them discover new ways of thinking and behaving that serve them, and their organisations, more successfully.

We are no longer limited by where we are based

There are many ways professional development can delivered online,  an area I am focussing on in my own learning and professional networks and I feel excited by the many ways virtual delivery can be as effective and engaging as in-person. Call and chat about some of the options to connect, motivate, and develop your remote and dispersed teams more effectively.

Get in touch

Call, text, or drop me a line at and let me know a good time to organise an obligation free chat about your current challenges and goals and see if we are a fit.


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