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Louise Kelly Presenter

Hi there, I’m Louise, a professional development specialist who’s addicted to discovering what drives people.

My curiosity means I ask more questions than most and get to the truths that really matter.

I’ve helped hundreds of people to understand themselves and others better, so they can be more productive, happy, and confident at work. My special interest is in developing female leaders and equipping them with the techniques, strategies, and confidence to smash the glass ceiling and achieve their career goals.

I spent 13 years in aviation as a flight attendant, cabin manager, and trainer, flying internationally out of London and domestically throughout Australia. During my time in the airlines, I was in a real-life emergency, a declared Mayday situation with a four-engine rollback. The masks dropped and we descended, fortunately, the flight crew managed to get two engines fired up prior to impact and took back control of the aircraft. My passion to help clear communication in the workplace, respect for healthy living and deciding to live my best life possible has grown from this early experience and I want to share it to help you live your best, most fulfilling, and easiest life possible.

A dedicated lifelong learner, I practice yoga and aikido and enjoy gardening and cooking. My background in the airlines gave me a love for travel and culture, and last year I started hosting a new magazine-style radio show which I do every Thursday morning from 9:00 till 12:00. You can listen on https://897fm.com.au/ or get it on Apple Podcasts – In Good Company 89.7fm Perth.  I enjoy the arts and over the summer I’m active with the different festivals and am proudly a regular reviewer for Fringe.

Writing has always been important in my life and a long-term project of mine is a time travel book set mainly in England in 1942 called Finding Grace about two teenage girls called Poppy and Grace. I am interested in the social developments that happened in wartime, particularly how the role of women changed, and life potentially being cut short makes it clear what is, and what isn’t, important and how choosing to really live is not to be neglected.

I pride myself on getting both my degrees whilst working full-time and on staying current in the latest developments in learning, and for my wealth of repeat clients. As a learning and development practitioner with over 20 years of experience in professional improvement and talent development, I am well known for my supportive and collaborative approach and for partnering with organisations to realise their objectives. I have also been the recipient of two awards of excellence for customer service.

Presenter Louise Kelly

As a professional presenter, speaker, facilitator, MC, trainer, organisational, NLP, and executive coach I work in all areas of performance improvement for businesses and organisations. I am all about people. Whether it is through group processes (workshops, training sessions, seminars, or conferences), or through individual processes (one on one coaching), I guarantee tangible change and outcomes for all my clients.

My particular interest in human behaviour is how the mind and brain work, helping you understand yourself and others more clearly, how motivation works and what drives behaviour. Together we explore different possibilities in thinking and habitual behaviour that offer you more resources and choices. You discover what is effective and what works best in different situations for you.

As a Professional Learning & Development practitioner, I enjoy keeping current by investing heavily in my own professional development and by frequently actively engaging in formal and informal networking and learning opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally. I regularly collaborate with a wide network of professional development associates and have connections in specialist and related areas who are ready to assist and support major projects as required.

Work With Me

Sample video exert Planning a Successful Workshop – Part one 2016

My Clients

Louise Kelly Consulting is a Learning & Development practice that helps businesses improve the way they operate and productivity levels through capitalising on the unique talent in their people. It’s about making businesses better through improved connection, communication flow, interaction, and accountability. This can be achieved in several ways and am happy to discuss with you what your challenges are and together work out the best strategies for dealing with them with you.

Solutions I can assist with are training and non-training based.  These include facilitating team meetings, holding presentations, running workshops, designing training specifically tailored for the organisational needs and culture, organising in-house buddy or mentoring schemes, and one on one, team, or group coaching.

I have assisted a wide variety of public and private sectors and the not-for-profits with improved communication, teamwork, productivity and leadership development. Here are some of my happy clients:

To work with you was extremely easy. You utilised an absolute minimum of our time to distil the information down – which made the work load on us minimal, but you derived exactly what was pertinent. I found you via recommendation. I searched via Google, and your competitors (and the party who referred you) were either interstate, not intending on giving a custom talk, or utilised website forms and took a while to get back. Once you were referred, you contacted us, determined our needs, and with minimal interface time you derived exactly what we were after and delivered it. Our crews also gave great feedback. You clearly derived an understanding of what we were after. And the delivery was great.
October 2017

Qualifications & Accredidations

  • Master of Training and Development
  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology
  • Diploma of Training Design & Development
  • Diploma of Vocational Education & Training
  • Certificate IV TAE40116
  • Myers- Briggs Type Indicator Administrator
  • MBTI ® Advanced Teams Development
  • Thomas International Behaviour Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)
  • Leading Dimensions Profiling Tool (LDP)
  • Gestalt Therapy Module One (GTIWA)
  • NLP Practitioner & Coach
  • Organisational Coaching Level One (IECL)
  • Arbinger Institute Developing and Outward Mindset
  • Arbinger Institute Outward Inclusion
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mental First Aid
  • First Aid
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (BOISET)


  • Australian Institute of Management WA (AFAIM)
  • Asia Pacific Institute of Learning Professionals
  • Australasian Facilitators Network
  • Perth Learning Professionals


  • IECL Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership
  • Murdoch University
  • Edith Cowan University

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