52 personal challenges for 2015

I am making some rather big changes in my life this coming year, not in the least moving house next month. One of the biggest things I want to make sure that I do do in 2015, do or die, is to have more fun while I can.  Recent years have taught me that life is short and it is a gift we have with a limited expiry.  I don’t want any regrets of not doing things while I was able. I have started a list of some of the things I would like to give a go, attempt or even master over the next 12 months and am setting myself a series of 52 weekly personal challenges.  These are a mixture of things I’ve thought of doing at some point, or find attractive to give a go at, but have put off doing them for whatever reason. 2015 is going to be different, I’m taking charge of my life and I want to play all out for the whole year.  Some of these challenges I will find scary and I do intend daring myself to try new things.  Some of them will be very easy and will probably be things that I will think “Why didn’t I do this before?” and some of them are just plain silly but they will all be things that will give me a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment. They are personal challenges and mine.Some of them are purely frivolous and I will take them on purely for not other good reason than I want to do them.  Some of them will be actually useful and things I’ve been meaning to learn or do and all the challenges will be things that I just want to try or experience.  I am going to record my adventures as this is all about having more fun.  I’ve got my first 29 together and I’m sure others will develop as the year goes on. If you have any suggestions, dares or comments for me please let me know!

Week 1 Master a really neat tumble turn in the pool

Week 2 Go to Acting School (2 day workshop)

Week 3 Learn how to do a do a cat walk turn!

 Other challenges for 2015 – no particular order

  • Execute a fabulously smooth vinyāsa in yoga (might need to work up to this one)
  • Work out how to use my sewing machine and make an eye pillow (they look simple?)
  • Create my first news letter (must do)
  • Prepare a raw food dinner party for friends (like to)
  • Sew myself a large shoulder bag (getting arty)
  • Make red love heart raviolis from scratch
  • Create some pen and ink sketches (haven’t done any for 30 years)
  • Sketch a still life in pencil (used to love this at school)
  • Count to twenty in Italian (sounds so sexy)
  • Count to ten in Spanish (think this will be hard)
  • Master an on top French braid (can do the under one but like the look of this better)
  • Watch and review at least 2 TED Talks a day (been meaning to)
  • Practice 20 minutes of meditation twice a day for a week (must do and record any noticeable changes)
  • Learn some basic dance moves (with my Zumba Exhilarate fitness DVD)
  • Go on a date (will be scary)
  • Take a scuba refresher course (haven’t been diving for over 10 years)
  • Learn how to do some fancy origami napkins for table settings
  • Shuffle a deck of cards like a pro
  • Have a go at using aerial silks
  • Take singing lessons (Oh god!)
  • Write 500 words nonfiction per day (so many ideas)
  • Learn to tie a bow the normal way (never been able to!)
  • Drink at least 2 litres water per days (must do)
  • Give at least 5 genuine compliments every day (want to)
  • Reconnect with 5 people from my past (might be some surprises)
  • Write a hand written letter everyday and post it out