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Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

What clients have said about Louise

Strategic Planning

On behalf of the AICWA I would like to thank you for facilitating our recent “Strategic Weekend”.

The unique leadership structure of the AICWA brings together business owners who volunteer and sacrifice their personal time to assist with the strategic planning of the AICWA. I imagine facilitating a group of individual business owners cannot be easy and your skill set proved exceptionally appropriate in achieving the desired outcome.

Your experience and ability to identify appropriate techniques for facilitating the strategic weekend were immensely beneficial and provided the focus we needed. Achieving focus and consensus is very important for group cohesion as well as overall commitment to our institute’s goals and strategies.

AICWA Council achieved a greater understanding of potentially issues and more importantly how we will face these challenges in the future. I appreciated immensely how you empowered us to approach these challenges and work together to explore options. I believe the strategic weekend was a great team building exercise and look forward to engaging with you in the near future.

Dion Dosualdo, Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Conveyancing - March 2016

Louise Kelly Presenter

Executive Coaching

I was lucky enough to have Louise as a coach.  From our sessions together Louise managed to get me to re-examine my life in a way I’d never really thought of before.  Together she helped acknowledge the key areas I wish to improve and worked with me to make the small tweaks that would give big changes. She was always easy to talk too and very informative with ideas and resources that could help me.  As a result these initial issues identified have now been reduced significantly; I am more authentic in my communication and relationships and have a greater confidence in what I do.  Thanks Louise for being a great coach.

Susan Bramowicz, Personal Assistant to Head of Business Banking, May 2014

Facilitation Skills

The course was fully interactive which enable participants to not only learn from what was being taught but to also share experiences and learn from other participants. The use of practical exercises throughout the course enable participants to put new learning into action straight away. Office of Crime Prevention

My classroom donga.jpg

Hi Louise I hope everything goes well at site…We have just booked you to do 2 more training sessions in August and September as we’ve had an influx of requests – obviously people are hearing how popular the program is. Citic Pacific

Good pace, lots of techniques - well tailored to our brief. Bankwest

Business Etiquette & Professionalism (Graduate level)

Louise is one of the best trainers they have ever had at Subiaco. She said that Louise was very organised and engaging and the participants enjoyed the training very very much. City of Subiaco

[Described] the great course you delivered and how much the grads had enjoyed the training, and that you were great, so much so that she’s requested you for the next session. Dept of Treasury and Finance

The session was exactly what we were looking for and the preliminary look at the feedback forms yesterday showed that it was well received by the group which indicated that the session was engaging and useful. Main Roads

Writing Reports, Proposals & Business Cases

Just wanted to let you know how delighted we were to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback on the content and delivery of the above on 12 July. We had a diverse audience across a number of job levels. We have previously used several providers, none of which essentially hit the mark. Participants found the examples, templates and reference websites very useful and easily applicable to their works. Congratulations and thank you to Louise Kelly on a job well done. We will be back ... HBF

Writing for the Government

Hi Louise Thank you for two great workshops, most of the evaluations were very positive and the verbal feedback I have had since has been excellent. WACHs

Superior Administration Service

I would like to provide you with some positive feedback from the recent workshops conducted by Louise:

Louise understood the brief and delivered exactly what was required. Louise has an easy-going nature and built a great relationship with the team members that assisted them in opening up and being comfortable. The workshops were well structured, ground rules established and relaxing. The workshops kept everybody interested. I would welcome the opportunity to undertake further work with Louise in the future. Quick Service Restaurant Holdings

Interview Skills

Please thank Louise Kelly - the courses I did with her were very informative, and well worth attending. Fisheries Dept.

Service Excellence

Hi Louise, Thank you for a fantastic session yesterday. The feedback received has been very positive from the participants. Public Trustee

Negotiation Skills

My colleagues were very impressed with the negotiation skills course as it provided relevant principals and theory (together with contextual examples)  that can be used back in the office. WA Police

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

[We have received] some terrific feedback regarding the Interpersonal and Communication Skills course and we would like to send another staff member on the course. Venueswest

Presentation Skills

Great course and exceptionally skilled presenter who not only knew her material but had a very natural way of building confidence amongst the delegates and engaging with each person individually which in turn allowed  each delegate to feel comfortable and confident. Her correction was very positive and helpful. City of Wanneroo

Change Management

[Our experience ]in accessing and coordinating the training was very positive and the opportunity to sit down and discuss in detail the needs of the service was of great benefit. The training itself was excellent, and the feedback I have received from all three sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. In particular all participants appeared to be very impressed with Louise as a facilitator and I have had a number of comments emphasising this. The course content was well structured, easy to follow, interactive and easily applicable for the participants in their individual work settings.  
I would happily recommend ... and in particular would strongly recommend Louise as an excellent facilitator. Graylands Hospital

Difficult Situation in the Workplace

Can you confirm that Louise Kelly will be the trainer for all three dates for the Difficult Situations at Work courses. Royal Perth Hospital

Managing People

The recent Managing People program was well planned, flowed smoothly and effortlessly and contained very practical and useful information. The opportunity for participants to exchange ideas during structured and unstructured periods was invaluable. Swan TAFE


Customer Service

Louise is a brilliant facilitator. She was easy to listen to, easy to talk to and I was actually sad that the course was over at the end of the day. Normally you can’t wait for courses like that to end because the person that holds it isn’t that interesting and at times can be over giving it as they do it day in and day out. Louise was enthusiastic all day and I think in turn the whole room of people reflected that. Everyone wanted to participate and were encouraged to. City of Cockburn