Common workplace challenges

I focus on finding solutions to workplace team challenges and can design bespoke workshops around any communication topic and can accommodate your individual time frame and unique group size. I also offer presentations and seminars for large groups and one-on-one or small group coaching. 

I see learning as a journey and not a one hit fix. Three areas I focus on are:


  • Understanding what power is and what it isn’t
  • Types of power
  • Building personal power and brand
  • Influencing and motivating others
  • Saying No diplomatically
  • Speaking up, confidence and assertiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence - self and others
  • Whole person, resilience, balance and wellness
  • Presentation skills


  • Communicating appropriately
  • Building trust in teams
  • Developing culture of trust
  • Engaging with customers
  • Building integrity and strong relationships


  • Setting clear goals
  • Managing priorities


Louise Kelly

Please call me for a chat about solutions to your workplace challenges.